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About the (>NUTTERS<) Group



Dazman: Webmaster and Forum Admin
+Sponge+: Complaints, additional graphics and Forum Admin
Jackknife Johnny: Website Editor and Forum Admin
Celestial Forum Admin
Astroman Forum Admin & PHP support.
The Cleaner Forum Moderator
Black Mamba Forum Moderator
Parva: Multplay Community Liaison Officer
Larky: Lazy Mapper and Forum Moderator (Mapping)
Lunde: General Help and Support

Lazytown (>NUTTERS<)

Our Multiplay Server Admins:


Community Liaison:

Deputy Community Liaison:

Head Admin:

System Coder:





The (>NUTTERS<) Prayer:

Our Parva, who art in Multiplay,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy servers be up, and thy will be done.
In Lazytown as it is in heaven.

Give us this night our daily kills.
Try to forgive those that camp spawn.
As we wont forgive them that trespass point three.

Lead us not into argument, please do deliver us from lag.
For Parva owns the servers, he has all the powers,
and the glory, for ever and ever.





**Special thanks to those who have joined the Forum**

"(>Nutter<)" Is our Steam group tag, which we use as part of our in-game name, but this is optional. We are fans of Lazytown, which is a user created map (modded) for Team fortress 2.

We play on the multiplay server usually at night 8pm until the early hours. Quite often games will last for hours without victory.

Lazy is quite hard to win when the server is full (32 players) or the teams are well balanced. Some players will sit on commodes or wear nappies to aviod leaving the game for the toilet. Beer and curries usually adds to this problem (see example here

Lazytown is not a map that`s large, pretty or advanced. Its quite small and easy to remember. The key factor to being popular is the strategies thats required to win. The map designer "Zeta" has since created other maps, which at the moment don't have the same popularity..it's hard to beat perfection! Larky is responsible for the tweaking of our map as to what it has become today.

The Multiplay server is our server of choice and has excellent admin support from Parva and Mary G. They are husband and wife. The link to Multiplay is here http://www.multiplay.co.uk/

Many players have become expert killers and developed unique strategies to get the win. Of course things can get heated, but generally its just friendly abuse.

There are many other characters to meet on our server the most popular being "The Cleaner " He is everyones favorite target, the poor guy copes by extensive killings of the opposing team "cleaning" them afoot. Usually as a heavy weapons guy, until he has used all his bullets..."Shit! no bullits!!" Often he has at least 15 medics at the back of him, all with an uber ready to go. Click on the pic below:



Dazman is the lead admin for this Steam group, Sponge was the first to join and is an officer, (Good cop bad cop?). Daz will usually promote the regular players whom have used (>NUTTER<) as part of their name tag and are known fans of lazy.. Never kicked anyone yet, but then? who could be worse than Sponge??

Benefits of being a (>Nutter<)?