We play Team Fortress 2, predominantly on the Lazytown modded maps. Our usual server is hosted by Multiplay, the: "Home of The Cleaner".


(>NUTTER<) is our group tag on the Steam network. It's not a clan or guild. Anyone can join, provided you are a genuine fan of Lazytown. 
If you are already a member of a clan, we are happy to have you in both. Among our ranks are some extremely talented players, an experienced elite.
You don't have to be a good player to be a Nutter, just a fan of Lazytown. There are no rules, no hassle and no fuss.

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    Want to Join? Click on the link below to our Steam Home and select "Join this group." Then add (>NUTTER<) to your name which is optional.
    **N.B You wont be considered a proper Nutter unless you are a member of our
    Steam Group.


    Link to HL Stats for stat rankers. Link to Google Search



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    Full acknowledgement to the steam group of games especially Team Fortress 2. Kind regards to Zeta for his brilliant creation of the Lazytown map and then Larky for the later edits.


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