News and Events (October 2009)

By Dazman.



The Nutter Civil War Nights (CW III)

(see forum for teams)


Civil War 27nd October @9.30pm. Red Nutters v Blue Nutters fixed teams. On our usual server. The Cleaner commanding RED v Dazman commanding BLUE. Obey the commanders please.


These matches have been intense and without a win on either side. Its causing huge amounts of arguement and banter as to which team dominates. Its probably fair to say the Cleaners Reds have dominated most games, but lacked any serious finishing power. The Blues had a huge fightback in the last game ..but then the server crashed !!



N.B. IF A FULL TEAM YOU CANT JOIN THE OTHER TEAM- that will stop that teams players joining.



Winning team will play against the multiplay admin.


No rules, apart from one - obey the commander for the game duration. Dont take things too seriously.



Thanks: Parva, Z4nd, Johnny and Celestial for their help with the idea :)





The About our Group page has been updated with details of our extremely highly paid staff.




Place where you live

The Nutter World Map has been produced by Astroman. If you are not allready on it with your little red dot? You may wish to add your nearest town, so we can all visit you for tea and biscuits.





PLEASE? please please!

PLEASE we need more player profiles, send me some details about yourself for the website and maybe a pic? You can send complete bullshit, we really dont care. Did I say please?




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